France sharpening emissions law


France has announced sharper regulations for the ecological tax, and will lower the threshold for acceptable emissions. The previous 120 grams/km will now be lowered to 117 grams per kilometre, starting in 2019.

Another lowering by another 3 grams per year is planned as well. The penalties will affect 27.6% of vehicles currently on France’s roads, instead of the estimated 16.5%. At the same time, the average cost for offending vehicles will rise from 50 to 145 euros. Vehicles with more than 140 grams/km can expect to pay 1,050 euro, with more than 5,000 euros for vehicles with 154 g/km, up to a maximum of 10,500 euros penalty for vehicles with more than 185 g/km.

On the other hand, owning clean vehicles, with battery electric vehicles ahead of the pack, is being rewarded. The exact numbers for 2019 have not been made public yet, however it is estimated that only 1.3% of current vehicles will benefit from the carrot side of the bonus-malus system.


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