Toyota is banking on alternative energy for 2020 Olympics


Toyota has presented the cornerstones of their mobility concept for the incoming 2020 Olympic games in Tokyo. The autonomous e-Palettes will be used, as well as the Toyota Concept-i BEV as well as a variety of FCEVs such as the Mirai and the Sora bus.

In total, Toyota is planning on providing more than 3,000 vehicles for the Olympic fleet. The focus will be on hybrid and electric vehicles, as well as fuel cell vehicles. The vehicles will partially be publicly available, with some reserved for athletes, media representatives and organizers.

Toyota will have to hurry on the e-palette development, which does not look quite road-ready yet. The fully electric multi-purpose vehicle were only presented by the company at the start of the year. In two years, it is planned to be in use as an autonomous shuttle for the Olympic village.

The agreement for Toyota to be the official mobility partner for the Olympic and Paralympic games was struck in 2016. The deal will apply for the period 2017-2024.,


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