Sino-German project to validate FC motors

In the research project MovE2China, which is funded by both the German and Chinese governments, engineers from the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology (KIT) and the Tongji University Shanghai will work to validate electrified motor systems for FCEVs.

The teams from both institutes will focus on the question, how standardized methods for cooperative technology development can be used in decentralized locations. The goal is to develop validation methods and environments which can function over distances, as well as locally. Unlike traditional methods, technology plays a more fluid role, as virtual and physical tests will not be separated under the method. The researchers explained that a fuel cell located in the Karlsruhe facility could thus be tested by the Shanghai team without having to fly components across the world.

Between the KIT and the Tongji University the partnership has been going on for some time. This also includes a teaching cooperation, for example. The Shainghai university is regarded as one of the most important centres for fuel cell research in China. (In German)


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