Jul 30, 2018 - 06:21 pm

Fast Cities Australia secures $7 million investment

The Australian mobility initiative has secured a $7 million investment from St Baker’s Energy Innovation Fund to begin work on a project to build 42 EV charging sites across the nation.

The 42 charging sites will receive a minimum of two 350 kW fast chargers. The first step of the plan will see the first 16 sites between Brisbane and Melbourne fitted with chargers by the end of 2019. The rest of the 42 chargers will be installed by the end of 2021.

The initiative was launched four years ago in partnership with Tritium, who had just signed a deal to distribute it’s Veefil DC fast chargers in three European nations at the time. Tritium has grown to encompass additional projects across Europe and has ramped production in Brisbane.

This project will not end after the installation of the 42 charging sites, at least according to Fast Cities Australia CEO Chris Mills, who said: “That first 42 sites is what we call the national backbone…We would intend to then flesh out further sites. Our genuine aim is to catalyse the industry… to increase the uptake of EVs in the country.”



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