Bolloré to scrap half their Autolib fleet


After the city of Paris decided not to continue the car-sharing program Autolib by Bolloré a month ago, the service was officially shut down on July 31. The 4,000 electrified vehicles will now disappear from Paris’s streets.

According to Autolib, about half of the vehicles will be scrapped, while others will be used to boost Bolloré’s EV sharing service in Lyon, Turin and Bordeaux, as well as selling some to private businesses.

What will happen to the approximately 6,000 charging stations and their parking spots in Paris has not been sorted out yet. It is quite sure that Renault and PSA are lining up to set up a follow-up service to the car-sharing service starting in September, however both of these will use free-floating principles in their service.

Renault has already specified some things regarding their car-sharing service. The plan is to cooperate with ADA to set up a service called Moov’in with 100 Zoe and 20 Twizy on the streets of the eleventh and twelfth arrondissement, as well as Clichy to the north of the capital. After a trial period, the plan it to eventually expand the fleet to 2,000 by the end of next year.

Renault is the first of several manufacturers moving on the newly available business opportunity in Paris. It has also been announced that the city is not planning on basing the service exclusively with any particular service, but plans to make arrangements with several companies.



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