FedEx going electric in China

FedEx subsidiary FedEx Express has greened their fleet in China. They deployed 48 pure electric vehicles across 13 Chinese cities. The move is part of a strategy to increase efficiency of FedEx’ 90,000 vehicle fleet by 2025.

The fleet in China consists of 2,800 vehicles in total. While 48 electric vehicles does not sound like a lot, they will save about 2,500 litres of fuel per year says FedEx and mark the start of a potentially wider electrification.

FedEx Express currently has more than 2,800 transportation vehicles in China and it will continue to explore the feasibility of expanding the use of new energy vehicles in the country. Says Jimmy Chen, regional vice president of FedEx China: “We continuously develop and use innovative technologies to reduce our environmental impact.”

The new electric vehicles built by SAIC Maxus can travel around 220 kilometres on a single charge. The model EG10 and EV80 have a cargo capacity around 1.5 tons.

Globally, FedEx Express has a goal to increase vehicle efficiency by 50 percent for its 90,000 vehicle fleet by 2025, based off a 2005 baseline. As of fiscal year 2017, FedEx’s vehicle efficiency goal sat at close to 38 percent.,


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