Retro Honda motorbike Cub turning electric (video)


Honda has been making the Super Cub for some 60 years so that by now the little halfling of a motorbike and scooter has become legendary. Still only Shanghai Customs of China offers to convert the machine into an electric motorcycle, with growing success.

Where once China was the land of the cheapest e-bikes, customers are developing a taste for the premium end of the market. It is here Shanghai Customs positions their eCub.

Their latest project not only offers buyers a new and fully electric Honda Super Cub, but they also have a conversion package waiting for existing owners.

The original eCub has been around for a year. Yet, Shanghai Customs released an upgrade, giving the package an extra retro twist. The eCub2 features a 3.7V battery located under the seat. It can be removed and charged lasts for a range of about 45 kilometres (28 miles).

The electric drive comes with two main modes, eco and sport, all controlled via smartphone. Sitting in the rear wheel, it delivers up to a 1,000 Watt.

All the kits and fully assembled e-bikes can be ordered from Shanghai Customs online. The company is based in Shanghai and led by New Zealander Matthew Waddick., via


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