Tesla gearing up to bring Model 3 to Australia, NZ


Now that production has stabilised in the USA and roll-out is beginning to look more routine, Tesla has announced their next step in international roll-out: The tour that was done across Europe to help popularise the vehicle will also take place down under.

The event will be exclusive to Tesla customers, and the company sent out an invitation to Model 3 reservation holders via email. However a caveat in the phrasing of the email does make it sound like Tesla is potentially considering opening the event to the wider public, as they ask reservation holders to confirm “as spaces are limited”.

The Model 3 itself is not expected to be delivered in Australia for approximately another year. Earlier this year, the roll-out schedule was updated and Musk promised that the Model 3 would be hitting the left-hand drive markets in Europe and Asia during the first half of 2019. The right-hand drive version will “probably” follow middle of the year.

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