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VW launching cross branding EV campaign (video)


Volkswagen has kicked-off a new campaign promoting electric vehicles in the USA. But it is not just their electric cars that are featured but EVs of 5 different brands (all but one). Why? Because they must as part of Electrify America, VW’s court-mandated effort.

Electrify America is Volkswagen’s subsidiary tasked with setting up a DC charging network across the United States. The 2-billion dollar effort follows from the dieselgate scandal and includes the promotion of electric vehicles in general. So general in fact, that the latest advert features the most popular electric cars in the States – apart from one.

At the end of the spot, Electrify America shows electric models from six automakers driving off into the sunset: the Chevy Bolt EV, the BMW i3, the VW e-Golf, the Honda Clarity Electric, and the Nissan Leaf. A Tesla model is missing, probably not just because they have their own Supercharger network.

Electrify America must complete their DC charging network by 2025.


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