Aug 23, 2018 - 05:51 pm

Fortum opens HPC charger at Swedish McDonalds


Fortum has opened their first HPC charging location in Sweden in cooperation with McDonalds in Kristinehamn. The city is located around 270 km west of the capital and marks the half-way point between Stockholm and Oslo.

The new high power chargers are part of the HPC corridor, that Fortum Charge & Drive is building between Oslo, Stockholm and Helsinki. In April, the first charging park went online in Norway.

The charging infrastructure specialist spoke of a higher capacity charging park at the time of opening in Norway, with chargers with up to 7 times the capacity of regular chargers (350 kW instead of the typical 50 kW). This likely applies to this new location in Sweden. The corridor is planned to provide charging solutions for the next generation of electric vehicles with ranges of more than 300 km.,


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