Sep 2, 2018 - 03:10 pm

Honda CR-V hybrid version to launch in 2019


Honda has started sales for the new CR-V, which is being offered as a 7-seat version with a hybrid motor for the first time. In Japan, sales begin now, while European markets will have to wait until October 20th. The hybrid version won’t be offered until early 2019, however.

The motor performance of the combustion version of the vehicle will be offered as a 127 kW and 142 kW version, while a diesel variant is being skipped entirely. The performance of the hybrid version is not known so far.

So far, we only know that the hybrid CR-V is fitted with an Intelligent Multi Mode Drive Sysstem, which combines a 2 litre gasoline motor in an Atkinson cycle with an electric motor, including a separate generator. The hybrid system does not use a conventional powertrain. Instead, there will be a specifically developed solution which optimizes torque and fuel economy. The technology was adapted from the Honda Clarity and Insight.

The basic version of the CR-V will go on sale in Europe in October with a price-tag oof 28,490 euros. There will be four different set-ups to choose from. The price for the hybrid variant has not been disclosed at this point.

8 Kommentare zu “Honda CR-V hybrid version to launch in 2019

  1. Robert Gledhill

    Very short sited dumping basic Honda instead of showing other manufacturers how it’s done.

  2. Waruna patabandige

    Crv details and prices 2019th hybrid

  3. Rey

    Ready to buy
    Release date in United States
    Crv hybrid
    Or rav4 hybrid

  4. RAMJ

    Ready to buy a CRV Hybrid right now, here in the USA. Currently driving a XV Crosstrek. We want more space and better mpg. No going backwards and no staying the same on mpg any more. Need details and dates in order to maintain our interest. Sat a conventional CRV this week. It fits us. 5′ high spouse’s feet can’t touch the floor in the passenger seat of a Forester. Forget about that nonsense.


    When exactly is coming to Edmonton, Alberta Canada!!

  6. Terry valdez

    I am Interested in this Honda CR-V hybrid I am in Florida hope there will be some great offers when it hits the dealerships

  7. Marcus au

    Went 2019 the Honda CR-V hybrid come out

  8. Marcus

    Went his Honda CR-V hybrid is come American

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