Scotland mobilises millions for e-mobility

The Scottish government has several e-mobility investments coming up: 15 million pounds (€16.6 million euros) will be invested into the set up of 1,500 new charging locations, and a subsidy of 1.7 million pounds (€1.9 million) will support the acquisition of more than 100 new “green” buses.

Which buses will be purchased was not immediately recognisable from the statement, but the infrastructure expansion was detailed more closely: The new chargers will be installed in public locations, companies and private domiciles. The charging network offensive is part of the Switched on Towns and Cities Initiative, which aims to create 20 so-called “Electric Towns” by 2025.

The new financial injection will complete two already sanctioned subsidy initiatives: The Low Carbon Transport Loan was expanded from an 8 million pound budget to 20 million pounds for the 2018/2019 period and aims to motivate companies and consumers to switch to electrified vehicles. The other program aims to help public fleeets switch to EVs, for which 4.8 million pounds (from the 1.2 million initially) are being set aside.

Scotland has ambitious plans regarding electrification: As of 2032, the nation plans to help phase out combustion motors, mostly by incentivising the sale of all-electric cars and plug-in hybrids. To help prepare the switch to electrified vehicles, Transport Scotland is planning a series of measures, including the electrification of the A9 highway that runs from Scotland’s north to the south.,


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