Berlin’s new ride-share to run 80% electric

The Berlin public transport operator BVG and Daimler subsidiary ViaVan have officially launched their ride-share program BerlKönig in Berlin. To start, up to 50 vehicles will operate from 5 pm until 5 am on Fridays and Saturdays. The majority of the fleet runs electric.

A transition to a 24/7 operation is planned with an expansion up to 300 vehicles before too long. The vehicles chosen for the fleet are from Mercedes, with 40 fully electric B-Class (250e) and ten diesel transporters from the V-Class. Another 40 electrified vehicles are apparently also ready, before another 19 eVito Tourers from Daimler will join them next year.

The prices for the service are set between the normal public transit and taxi prices, where a minimum of four euros is set. The price is also set before the journey begins. The organizers intend to set up the largest on-demand-shuttle fleet owned by a public transport operator on the planet but will have to start with a two year experimentation phase, granted under the Public Transport Act.,, (all in German)


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