Sep 17, 2018

Electrification of Amsterdam Pride yielding results


Just a few weeks ago, we reported on a joint initiative of EV Box, the City of Amsterdam and utility NUON for the Amsterdam Pride parade. They dressed the town’s charging station in fancy rainbow colour and promised to donate all profits made on this day to an LGBTQ* organisation. This has come out of it.

Amsterdam Pride is one of the world’s largest parade for gay rights. This year, it saw a new campaign dubbed “Power for the Heroes” during which all public charging stations in the Dutch capital showed the rainbow.

The idea was to donate all profits made by the 256 public charging stations to the LGBTI advocacy organisation COC. The results have been tallied at 3,500 euros in donations, as well as many rainbow-coloured charging stations to brighten up the city. We think it suits the charge columns rather well. (in Dutch)


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