Wabco to premier recuperating electric trailer

Wabco will present the prototype of its first electric trailer at the IAA Commercial Vehicles this week. The eTrailer has an intelligent electric motor control and can recuperate energy in order to support a towing vehicle or to operate equipment.

The aim was to maximise operating efficiency and reduce fuel consumption, according to a press release. Wabco estimates fuel savings of up to 20 percent on short distances and up to 10 percent on long distances. For electric vehicles, the eTrailer would then serve as a range extender. In addition, the energy generated by the Wabco eTrailer can also power electrical equipment in the trailer.

Wabco holds one percent of the US start-up Nikola Motors, which recently presented the first prototype of its fuel cell truck planned for 2020. At the end of 2017, the Brussels-based supplier invested 10 million euros in Nikola. In addition, the two companies agreed on a partnership to develop safety technologies specifically for electric commercial vehicles.

For now Wabco has a prototype of the eTrailer and the supplier has not given a timeline for production or commercialisation.



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