Mennekes charging solutions comply with “Eichrecht”

Mennekes’ electric vehicle charging solutions have received the new calibration certification from the National Metrology Institute of Germany (PTB). The conformity assessment follows the country’s updated Weights and Measures Act (Eichrecht).

For the electric transport industry, this means there are now more solutions available for AC charging which measure the flow of electricity accurately. Other examples than Mennekes, which have recently received PTB approval, include a solution called SAM. Developed by EBG compleo for E.ON, it enables the utility to accurately calculate the price of electric car charging both per minute and kWh. Also Ubitricity offers such a system. Their intelligent charging cable integrates a mobile electricity meter that conforms to legal standards, including a GSM and storage unit. The startup calls this “legal-for-trade mobile metering”.

But back to Mennekes. The company stresses that they now have a modular product portfolio that is “geared towards transparency and conformity throughout the entire process chain”. In other words and unlike other market participants, Mennekes individually certifies the measuring components. These components can therefore be easily exchanged or certified within the scope of the recalibration obligation again. This helps to keep the effort to a minimum because it allows to recalibrate only some components, in case of a software update for example, rather than an entire unit.

Mennekes also say they want to make it easier for existing customers to retrofit their hardware and software to the legal standard. Suitable retrofit kits will soon be available for the “Premium” and “Smart” charging stations which are on the market already. All new Mennekes charging stations ordered in future will already conform with calibration law, that is Eichrecht in German.

On another note, Jaguar Land Rover selected Mennekes as charging infrastructure partner for the I-Pace electric car. The cooperation will kick off with Mennekes installing wallboxes at 80 JLR stores and garages in Italy reportedly. Jaguar opted for Mennekes premium version of the Amtron charger. The charging stations will be installed indoor and outdoor and can use solar power.

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