Jun 26, 2018 - 06:30 pm

Mennekes exclusive charging provider for Jaguar I-Pace


Jaguar Land Rover selects Mennekes as charging infrastructure partner for the I-Pace electric car. The cooperation will kick off with Mennekes installing their premium wallbox Amtron at 80 JLR stores and garages in Italy.

Jaguar Land Rover only announced earlier today to increase spending by a quarter in order to electrify their entire line-up. The cooperation with Mennekes adds required charging infrastructure starting at JLR stores.

80 outlets of Jaguar Land Rover in Italy will see wallboxes delivered and Jaguar opted for Mennekes premium version of the Amtron charger. The charging stations will be installed indoor and outdoor at both garages as well as stores and can use solar power.

Mennekes will also maintain and operate the charging stations for Jaguar Land Rover in Italy and says their network of skilled personnel enables them to reach any site in the country within an hour.

If the charging equipment cooperation will eventually expand to other markets for the Jaguar I-Pace is unknown to date.

It is certain though that the release of the I-Pace set Jaguar ahead of the competition, including Audi, BMW and Mercedes and demand has so far kept pace with the electrifying wild cat, so much so in fact, that JLR fears for their battery supply (we reported).

electrive.net (PI in German)


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