Fees for parking at Tesla Superchargers go up


Parking for an unnecessarily long time at a Tesla Supercharger is becoming more expensive. The current fee of 40 cents (US$) which begins five minutes after completion of the charging process, is being increased to 50 cents, if at least half of the supercharger spots are occupied. If all spots are taken, it will go up to a whole dollar per minute.

The fee was first introduced towards the end of 2016, when Tesla started experimenting with ways to ensure that drivers would not have to unnecessarily wait for chargers. The Tesla app allows users to accurately follow the charging process from their mobile, and notifies users five minutes before the charging process is finished, and again when it is completed. After this point, drivers have five minutes to move their vehicle, before Tesla begins charging. The fees also apply in Europe with the same conditions, only in euros.

Telsa also announced that the unpaid charging fees would only be allowed to reach 50 dollars, before access to the network is blocked.

The announcement came shortly after Tesla announced an end to free charging for Californians who newly purchase a Tesla. In the meantime, new customers only receive a 100 dollar credit for the service, which has applied for Model 3 buyers without the Performance Package for the last year, before it was applied to all customers recently.

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