Sep 23, 2018 - 06:37 pm

Qatar plans to present own EV for football world cup


In Qatar, an ambitious project was recently presented, in which the nation plans to set up a factory for electrified vehicles in the Gulf nation. The factory is planned to be in operation by the time the world cup kicks off in 2022.

The Qatar Quality Trading Company will be receiving technical assistance from the Japanese Softbank-owned chip manufacturers ARM for their planned production complex. The production complex will then consist of six factories and twelve production lines, which will begin as soon as the necessary permissions have been granted.

Takayuki Hirayama, CEO of ARM, explained that three years after production begin, a capacity of 500,000 vehicles is planned. The full production capacity will be reached after seven years, when all twelve production lines will be actively running around the clock, according to Musa Ramadan, CEO of the Qatar Quality Trading Company. The vehicles will be sold around the globe.

Next to the announcement for the factory, the first model was also announced. The BEV will have a 500 kW performance capacity, with a 1,000 km range. As for the charging time, an astronomical 10 minutes were specified by the future manufacturers.,


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