UK: Renault offering Zoe electric car with £9,500 discount


Renault relaunches their scrappage scheme offering 5,000 pounds when handing in an old car and buying an electric one. In case of the Zoe, this decreases the price to a record low when applied together with the UK Plug-in Grant of 4,500 pounds.

The manufacturer’s scrappage scheme and federal electric car incentive combined, result in a 9,500 pound discount on the Renault Zoe, meaning the electric car cost no more than £13,420 in Great Britain.

The discount includes the plug-in grant of 4,500 pounds and Renault’s 5,000 pound offer that applies to any car registered before December, 31, 2011 in exchange for a new Zoe. Moreover, retail customers will also receive a free wallbox and this applies whether they purchase the EV through the scrappage scheme or not.

The Renault Zoe regularly starts at £18,420 RRP including the plug-in car grant and has recently been updated with the new R110 motor and Renault puts the range at 300 km (186 miles).

The scrappage scheme will run throughout January, 7, 2019 and the new electric car must be registered by March, 31 that year.

The timing of the promotion is likely connected to the alleged launch of a new and bigger Zoe at the Paris Auto Show next month. While Renault has not offered any details, the makeover of France’s bestseller is likely to retain the size of battery (41 kWh) in order to keep the price low. The same goes for the electric drive system. The cells however may come from CATL rather than LG Chem. This is particularly likely since Renault confirmed they were to use cells from CATL for the incoming electric version of the Kangoo (we reported). Moreover, expect the 2019 Zoe to charge via CCS and to be a bigger electric car than the current model.


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