Sep 27, 2018

BYD expands e-bus factory in Lancaster


BYD has again expanded their electric bus factory in the Californian Lancaster. Another five million dollars will flow into the newly completed 9,290 m² depot, which will bring the total investment cost for the facility to more than 53 million dollars.

The factory currently has a capacity of 1,500 e-buses per year. 270 of these have already been delivered, according to BYD. Another 80 vehicles are currently in production, with another 300 reservations for additional e-buses in the works.

The stock market development for BYD has been positive – in the last ten years, the stock value for the EV and battery manufacturer has increased more than 500%. This should particularly make the US major investor Warren Buffet happy, who had invested about 233 million dollars in BYD via his holding company Holding Berkshire Hathaway. (Lancaster), (Stock Market)


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