Oct 10, 2018 - 09:29 pm

Tesla sending VW some Schadenfreude


Shortly after the emission fraud had come to haunt them in late 2015, Volkswagen technicians wanted to look into e-mobility and arrived well, at Tesla. Only when they reached the VW testing ground in their Californian car, they were surprised.

The curious VW technicians found their Tesla electric vehicle shutting down all by itself. The only sign of life left was a flashing display showing only a single word: diesel-gate.

Tesla technicians must have followed the way of the electric car or probably got suspicious when they received the order from Wolfsburg. The message could have hardly been any clearer.

The incident was reported as part of a portrait of Elon Musk in Spiegel magazine. Thanks to Veit Medick for tweeting it.


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Disruption can be so much fun at times.

spiegel.de (original source in German, paywall)


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