Oct 17, 2018 - 06:56 pm

Tesla trademarks a very alternative fuel


Elon Musk never tires of tweeting surprises that border on the verge of comedy. This latest tweet has been made news via CNBC and deals with a new trademark that could be filed under better first than never. 

We are uncertain if anybody had ever thought about using the Tesla branding to advertise a Mexican classic. Yet, the electric carmaker (or so they used to be) made sure, that if somebody did think about it, they were there first. So, meet the “Teslaquila” – a special kind of fuel made from organic ingredients.

Okay, it is a “just” a trademark for a tequila by Tesla but the filing has an “intent to use” and so chances are, that we may see such a beverage one day. And even if not, cheers for the laugh, Elon!



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Found on electrive.com
17.10.2018 18:34