Oct 22, 2018 - 01:46 pm

Tesla fails bid to protect customers from paying back subsidy


Tesla has lost their bid to protect hundreds of their customers in Germany from having to pay back the plug-in grant (Umweltbonus). The court in Frankfurt rejected the emergency appeal as inadmissible.

The German courts decided it was in the clear to recall the €2,000 government EV subsidy for the Tesla Model S customers, as the vehicle had not been available at the time of purchase, and will be assessed based on the time of delivery. The subsidy recall affects customers who purchased their Model S between November, 30th 2017 and the fifth of March, 2018. So all customers, who purchased their Model S before 06th of May 2018 and received the subsidy, will have to return it. According to the responsible ministry, this will affect about 800 cases.

spiegel.de, automobilwoche.de

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