Tesla Model 3 receives updates


The price for the popular electric car has been readjusted again, while a software update has improved the energy recuperation capacities for the Tesla. The exact battery capacity for the mid-range Model 3 has also been revealed.

Pricing for the Tesla Model 3 with rear-wheel drive and the mid-range battery has been updated since it’s release about a week ago, with the cost rising by $1,000 to a total basic price of $46,000. The price of the ‘long range’ version with the larger battery and all-wheel drive was reduced by $1,000 for a basic price of $53,000. The electric car manufacturer added in a statement, that for the mid-range Model 3, “we will honour the lower pricing for all in-progress orders.”

The software update improved the performance of the regenerative braking system, stating that “regenerative braking force has been increased to improve the driving experience and increase how much energy is actively returned to the battery when slowing down.” The over-the-air software update so far has only been confirmed for the dual motor AWD versions of the Model 3, and it is still unclear whether it will be implemented for all versions of the vehicle.

Finally, the exact battery capacity for the new mid range Model 3 has been reported by electrek. It stands at 62 kWh, compared to the 74 kWh battery in the long range version. The battery pack itself is the same in both vehicles, while the mid range version simply has fewer battery cells integrated. Tesla has stopped announcing exact battery capacities since the roll-out of the Model 3, instead focusing on more market driven aspects such as the range for the “mass market” oriented vehicle.

The first versions of the new mid range battery version Tesla Model 3 have already been built, and a total of 13,000 VIN numbers have been registered for the variant. Delivery of the mid range electric car is set to begin in six to ten weeks, according to the manufacturer.

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