FAA legalises ultralight Hoverbike for real


At the start of 2017, we told you about a hoverbike called Scorpion. Back then the company from Russia was ahead of the game of flying cars, although their VTOL is more of a hovering jet ski. Nonetheless, at least they had a flying prototype and have since advanced.

The Scorpion boasts four propellers, which rotate dangerously close to a riders, or say pilots legs. Still the hoverbike did what its name suggested and now the dream of any fan of such movies as “Back to the Future” has come another bit closer to reality.

Moreover, the company has been very clever when it comes to regulation and slipped just in under the radar of the U.S. FAA. The Scorpion’s new carbon fibre frame keeps the weight of the flying machine at just 114 k – the legal limit for ultralight machines according to the FAA. Its maximum speed also tops at 52 knots (96 kph), again just under the legal maximum allowed by the FAA. Most importantly, being classified as ultralight, means the hoverbike can be operated without a pilot’s license.

So, you may dream on. The Russian company has opened the books for you to pre-order – if you have got 150,000 euros to spare. Delivery is scheduled for 2019.



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