JAC Motors orders 4 GWh of batteries


JAC Motors of China is building on its existing partnership with Hefei Guoxuan High-Tech Power Energy. They want the latter to deliver batteries for electric vehicles in bulk by 2019, no less than 4 GWh to be exact. And they have sales ideas as well.

JAC Motors and Guoxuan agreed on a new cooperation agreement that not only include said 4 GWh worth of battery cells. In addition, Guoxuan will also upgrade its production lines to make these lithium iron phosphate batteries until 2020.

Here the partners aim to create battery systems with an energy density of 140Wh/kg for electric cars and commercial vehicles. Moreover JAC and Guoxan also agreed to work on new marketing models, such as battery leasing.

JAC Motors and Guoxuan have been partners for a decade. In 2010, they started to mass-produce lithium iron phosphate batteries to power the first generation of JAC’s new energy vehicles.



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