Nov 1, 2018 - 02:11 pm

UK start-up launching high speed electric scooter

Zapp i300 features two removable battery pack solution


Zapp is a new start-up for electric scooters from Great Britain. Their first product is the i300, a stylish electric scooter that packs a lot of power. It is light and fast but such performance comes at a price.

The electric scooter of British Zapp is designed with style-conscious urban dwellers in mind. The acceleration brings it near small motorcycle territory. With a torque of 587 Nm the 14 kW strong Zapp i300 accelerates from 0 to 48 kph within 2.35 seconds, according to the manufacturer.

The top speed is electronically limited but still reaches an impressive 96 kph (60 mph). The payoff is however a range of no more than 60 kilometres. But the electric scooter features two battery packs each rated at 1.25 kWh for a combined 2.5 kWh of capacity. Both are removable to allow for remote charging which should be fairly easy as they weigh just 5 kilos each.

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Power and design have their price. The little Zapp i300 starts at 6,300 euros, which is the same level as Piaggio’s upcoming electric Vespa. Zapp is taking pre-orders from UK, France, Italy, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands as you read. The first deliveries of the electric scooter are promised for spring 2019.,

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