Piaggio kicking-off Vespa Elettrica sales in Europe


Here she is, the most original scooter from Italy only electric. Piaggio has finally started selling their Vespa Elettrica. The updated classic will come to buyers in Europe first before pre-sales are to start in the U.S. and Asia. Just beware, the price tag makes this a luxury e-scooter.

It has taken Piaggio a while to catch up with the electric transport industry. The Italians had teased an electric Vespa for two years at least before finally kicking off production this September (we reported).

But, now sales are on via a dedicated webpage, or say pre-sales rather for people in Europe willing to buy the Vespa Elettrica. The price of the final product has increased from an initial 4,000 euros to a whooping 6,390 euros that almost make our eyes water. Pre-orders require a deposit of 600 euros. Piaggio had said before that they see their electric scooter in the luxury segment of the market (clearly) but they also offer a new financing option, reads a release.

“The Vespa Elettrica is available in the main Eurozone countries at a price of € 6,390 or, alternatively, through a new purchasing solution based on €991 easy monthly payments. With the addition of a small down payment, the monthly instalment also includes Vespa Care, a package providing planned vehicle services maintenance (36 months or 10,000 km), a 12-month warranty extension, a regular battery check and road assistance enhanced with special services.”

Still, apart from the Vespa being a design icon, the technology seems fairly standard. The electric motor delivers 4 kW and has a 200 Nm torque rating, setting the Vespa Elettrica a little atop a 50cc scooter, particularly when it comes to acceleration and hill starts. Piaggio sets the range at 100 kilometres with a recharge taking about four hours at a conventional socket. No top speed has been released but in eco mode the Vespa Elettrica cruises at 30 kph.

Sales kick off officially in Milan at the EICMA this November. Sales will then commence to include Asia and the States in early 2019, according to the motorbike maker.

piaggiogroup.com, elettrica.vespa.com (Pre-orders, Europe)


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