EU project RESOLVE presents light electric vehicles


The EU project RESOLVE a consortium of 14 partners including Piaggio and KTM has yielded results. They presented a series of technologies and prototypes of light electric vehicles that now await commercialisation.

Under the direction of KTM and Piaggio, the RESOLVE project (short for: Range of Electric SOlutions for L-category VEhicles) has been developing technology to make light electric vehicles more affordable, as well as modular and scalable.

Their efforts for what they call ELV included anything from electric motors over battery architecture control units, all with urban use cases in mind. The technologies developed, including batteries, powertrains, HMI, tilting suspension and vehicle dynamics solutions are expected to be “ready for commercialisation within the next few years,” explains Serena Fruttaldo, RESOLVE’s Communication Manager.

For now, they presented three prototypes designed under the guide of KTM and Piaggio. Each four-wheeler demonstrator (L2e and L6e category) has its own motor installation, which helped the project team evaluate the pros and cons of each approach. One uses a single powertrain with mechanical differential and final transmission, while the other has two on-wheel powertrains coupled by an e-diff and no transmission.

The four-wheeled electric scooters feature unique tilting technologies using a new multi-wheel vehicle control algorithm said to improve handling and stability. RESOLVE also mentions an HMI, or display, said to address range anxiety.

Now that the project is completed, RESOLVE expects the technologies developed to be ready for commercialisation within the next few years.


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