Nov 3, 2018 - 06:02 pm

German propellers for Canada’s first electric ferries


Canada’s electric ferries will be propelled by Germany, or better the manufacturer Schottel to be precise. The German boat manufacturer has been selected by Damen Shipyards to equip the first fully electric ferries to operate in Canada. 

Schottel will provide four electric Twin Propellors of the STP 260 FP variety for each of the planned new ferries on the Amherst Island and Wolfe Island routes.

Each of the electric propellors boasts an input power of 550 kW, with the main bulk of the energy being provided from batteries. A diesel engine is also on board to provide backup power if required, and the propulsion concept “implies a power intake increase up to 650kW due to an enhanced draft provided by the batteries.” Additionally, due to the northern location, the thrusters will fulfil the requirements of Ice Class 1A.

The hybrid-electric ferries themselves will be operated by MTO, the ferry service of the Ministry of Transportation in Ontario. The emissions reduction is estimated to stand around 7 million kg of carbon dioxide annually.

The Amherst Island ferry will accommodate up to 300 passengers and 42 cars, with delivery expected in 2020. The Wolfe Island ferry, which is scheduled for 2021, will transport up to 399 passengers and 75 cars. Both electric ferries will operate with speeds up to 12 knots, which equals the speed of conventional propulsion systems.,


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