Nov 6, 2018 - 06:11 pm

Bike builder Biomega reveals electric car concept SIN


The Danish bike designers Biomega are expanding their mobility portfolio as they give their electric car concept debut in Shanghai. The carbon-fibre EV called SIN is built to weigh little and to impress with a sleek and most shiny design.

Biomega has been building bicycles in Copenhagen since 1998 and recently presented their first e-bike, integrating battery and motor neatly. For them to venture into four-wheelers now, it took the will of head designer Guillermo Calla. He told Wired “I’ve always been fascinated by mobility and transportation,” and so he believes an clever electric car addressing urban problems is in order.

The Biomega SIN, named so after Singapore, is urban in nature. The range is “limited” to 160 km on a charge, which is enough to cross most cities twice. Sharing however is possible as the SIN sits four persons comfortably.

Four electric motors deliver a tame 60 kW, again enough for city speeds.Moreover, this helps to keep the battery small and the concept currently revolves a battery duo with combined 20 kWh. The 16 kWh battery module is installed inside the electric vehicle, while the 6 kWh pack can be removed.

This however is going to change. Callau told Wired they are envisioning a three battery module concept. Once installed, users will be able to swap them easily, not unlike Gogoro’s battery swapping system for electric scooters.

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And there is the design. The chassis is made entirely from so-called modular carbon fibre developed with partners in Germany and the UK. Thus the SIN comes in at below 800 kilos. The shiny bit is then a windshield that runs the length of the electric vehicle, with another in the driver’s footwell. The final design will include doors, possibly see-through as well.

Fancy as it may look, Biomega intends to build this electric car. So far they aim for launching the SIN between 2021 and 2023 and at price point of around 20,000 euros.

The urban concept electric vehicle is currently on show at the CIIE in Shanghai.


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