Nov 12, 2018 - 11:58 am

Ural presents first electric motorbike with sidecar


The Russian motorcycle manufacturer Ural has developed their first electric motorcycle with a sidecar. The prototype was fitted with a motor by Zero Motorcycles. The decision for serial production has yet to be made, however.

Ural presented the electric bike at the EICMA, where the lack of electric motorbikes with a sidecar has been noted. Ural now stepped in ahead of the competition, and released their first electric bike, which also happens to be the first electric bike with a sidecar.

Serial production is still some years away, however. The prototype was produced in cooperation with Zero Motorcycles, and it is expected to take approximately two years before the decision to enter serial production takes effect, should it fall, according to Ural.

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The bike itself is based on Ural’s one-wheel drive cT platform, but uses the powertrain by Zero. That includes batteries, motor, controller and other necessary performance electronics. The Zero Z-Force motor puts out 45 kW performance and 110 Nm torque. Two batteries were installed to power the bike: Combining a ZF13.0 and ZF6.5 pack provides 19.5 kWh of battery power, which is more than an electric smart features. This gives the bike a maximum range of 165 km, and top speed of 140 km/h, although in practice Ural recommends a slightly more conservative cruising speed of 105 km/h, which likely helps the range of the vehicle .,,


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