Torqeedo to double power of electric boat motors


Electric boat motor specialist Torqeedo announces new motors for electric boats for 2019. The new drives essentially double the performance and can be integrated in a twin system then delivering up to 200 kW – twice as much as before.

Previous Torqeedo Deep Blue motors for electric boats had a maximum output of 50 kW, so two engines could deliver up to 100 kW. The new Deep Blue line though will not only deliver double the power but also become available in two versions: a low-speed version for displacement boats and a high-speed version for planing boats.

Other new Torqeedo products for the coming year include improved batteries and a new motor for tenders and sailboats. While Torqueedo started their battery business by incorporating the power pack of BMW’s i3 electric car, the new generation’s capacity will increase by 30 per cent to 40 kWh while maintaining the same dimensions. The company also reports an increase in storage capacity of 30 per cent to 3500 Wh for its 24-volt batteries. Energy density: 138 Wh/kg.

Finally, Torqeedo introduces the Travel 1103 C electric motor for tenders and sailboats. It is said to be the quietest motor in its class due to its gearless direct drive and low-noise technology.

Torqeedo is currently showing their 2019 product line at the METSTRADE show in Amsterdam.



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