Spain: Endesa to erect 100,000 EV charging stations


Enel-owned utility Endesa announces their plan to cast a far reaching network of electric car charging stations across Spain. Their new dedicated venture Endesa X will install more than 8,500 public charge points with another 100,000 at private locations by 2023.

Endesa’s hopes to reach both homes as well as companies and towns alike with this dual strategy for their electric car charging network. The utility that is owned by Italy’s Enel, earmarked 65 million euros to install the public charge stops.

Endesa say they will sett up the first 2,000 of the planned 8,500 EV charging stations in 2019/20 and reckon this will give “over 75% of the Spanish population access to the facilities”. In order to ensure access, Endesa aims to connect Spanish cities with over 35,000 inhabitants, covering 15,000 kilometres worth of main roads and urban areas. Once installed, any EV driver in Spain should find a charge point within a 100 kilometre radius, says the utility.

The second phase of the public station roll-out will see the installation of the remaining 6,500 public access charging points at shopping centres, car parks, hotels, service areas etc. Electricity will come from renewable energy sources, Endesa specifies.

In addition, Endesa hopes to erect about 100,000 EV charging stations at private homes and company car parks from 2019 – 2023. This however is not entirely in their control as it obviously requires the cooperation of private clients. Endesa’s offer to them will include domestic charging at 3.7 kW, 22 kW fast-charging points, 50 kW rapid charging points, and ultra-fast charging points operating at over 150 kW.

A new found business unit, Endesa X will carry out the so-called Company’s Charging Facilities Plan. Endesa X aims to respond to the energy transition and to the “changing needs of more environmentally-aware, sophisticated clients,” according to Endesa. Their new products will cater to cities, homes, industries and mobility.

Josep Trabado is the acting the general manager of Endesa X and Elena Bernárdez manages Endesa X Electric Mobility.

All the electric vehicle charging facilities will be connected to the Enel X global digital platform, which will facilitate interoperability and remote control of the charging points. Endesa owner Enel is being increasingly active in the electric car charging market and have begun setting up networks in various European countries while also working with the high power charging network Ionity reportedly.

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Oldrich Andrysek
24.06.2019 um 17:43
How can i install my own private charging station i Spain?

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