Ultra-fast charging in Italy as Ionity teams up with Enel


The high power charging initiative of mostly German carmakers, Ionity, is coming to Italy through a cooperation with energy giant Enel. Their agreement includes the installation of 20 HPC locations before the end of 2019 with Enel bearing installation and operation.

Each of the new stations is to host up to 6 charging columns that enable powers of up to 350 kW. Findings said sites will be Enel’s part of the deal as well as installing and maintaining the charging infrastructure in order to join the Ionity network. Enel will work through its advanced energy services division Enel X.

Says Francesco Venturini, Head of Enel X_ “As IONITY’s partner, Enel will select the most suitable locations across Italy to install high power stations serving the top end of the electric vehicle market.”

The 20 high power charging stations are part of Ionity’s plan to install 400 HPC sites across Europe. Moreover, the stations also form part of Enel’s national strategy to install an EV charging network. Venturini again: “Our ultimate aim is to further boost the spread of e-mobility in the country, ensuring that these high power stations are integrated within Enel’s national plan for e-mobility.” Said strategy includes an Enel network with up to 1,400 stations throughout Italy by 2022.

The cooperation between Ionity and Enel had been expected as recent reports suggested the HPC networkers were looking for partners, also naming Enel. The Ionity joint venture was founded by BMW, Daimler, Ford and Volkswagen, along with subsidiaries Audi and Porsche. They are negotiating with other potent partners such as other utilities and even Tesla.

The network is still in its early stages though – from the 400 required construction permits to install the high speed charging stations across Europe, IONITY has managed to accumulate about 20 so far but they got location partners such as Shell on board. In 2018, Ionity wants to open 100 HPC sites for drivers to charge their electric cars with high powers such as 350 kW. (PI)


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