Bosch to debut autonomous electric shuttle at CES

Bosch is now following the lead of Continental and ZF by producing its own self-driving electric shuttle. A preview of the concept EV for four passengers has just been released ahead of the official debut at the CES in Vegas.

Bosch is not yet revealing all technical details, but the self-driving electric vehicle that the model will for four passengers, who can book the shuttle via an app. Moreover, Bosch plans to draw from the wide range of expertise, particularly when it comes to planned mobility services, which Bosch board member Dr. Markus Heyn announced to be a “globally unique package of hardware, software, and mobility services”.

Needless to say, the mini bus incorporates hardware components and systems from Bosch. The electric axle drive, but also radar, video, and ultrasonic sensors, brake control systems, and electric power steering systems.

On the services side, the shuttle will be equipped with the company’s own software and embedded in a networked ecosystem of mobility services. Convenience Charging is but one function by which the EV manages its own state-of-charge and drives itself for a recharge in time. Other option of what Bosch calls the “ecosystem” include of course booking, sharing and networking platforms, software solutions for managing and maintaining electric vehicles, and infotainment during the journey.

Visually, the shuttle is minimalistic and as lounge as only a driverless EV can be. Display screens and glass build the outer shell. As is usual with ride-hailing, the vehicle is ordered via an app, while an algorithm, bundles the individual journeys, thus determining the fastest route.

The manufacturer is convinced that autonomous electric shuttles will soon be a “common sight on our city streets – whether they are transporting goods or people” yet it is unclear when Bosch will deliver their future electric shuttle serially or where it may launch first.


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