Renault to move Twizy production to South Korea


Renault Samsung is following demand as they plan to produce the electric minicar Twizy currently being built in Valladolid, Spain, in Busan, South Korea starting next year. The background is that 60 percent of the cars are sold in Asia.

Renault Samsung plans to produce 5,000 Twizys per year in Busan from March 2019 for sale in Korea and other parts of Asia. Those manufactured in Busan will have higher specifications than European models but Renault has not gone into any detail.

A spokes person at Renault Samsung said that “Headquarters believes that producing the Twizy in Korea will be more efficient, as 60 percent of the cars are sold in Asia”.

The Twizy is currently being made in Valladolid, Spain, and Renault Samsung has been importing assembled models for sale in Korea, which naturally is rather inconvenient.

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