Audi publishes their e-tron charging tariffs

Audi has published the European rates of the announced e-tron Charging Service, which can be used by everyone. The “City” and “Transit” tariffs are available. Billing is per minute, per kWh or per charging process, depending on the country.

Some countries, such as Germany feature charging per charge process, the basic monthly rate is 4.95 (City) or 17.95 euros per month. Each individual charging process then costs 7.95 euros for AC charging, 9.95 euros for DC charging and 9.50 euros (City) and 8 euros (Transit) for charging at an Ionity station. This introductory price will soon be followed by a standard price, which will amount to 16.95 euros in the “Transit” tariff; no amount has yet been fixed in the “City” tariff.

In contrast to Germany, where charging is carried out per charge, Switzerland and Austria have a per-minute rate without a monthly basic charge. In Austria, this is 14 cents/minute for AC charging and 48 cents/minute for DC charging. If you charge at an Ionity-Park, you pay 9,50 or 8 euros per charge, which is also valid in Germany. In the future, however, a price per kilowatt hour will apply, which has already been set at 33 cents/kWh for the “transit” tariff but is still undecided for the “city” tariff.

The situation is similar in Switzerland: CHF 0.11 and CHF 0.41 are due for AC and DC charging. Depending on the tariff, users will pay CHF 9.50 or CHF 8 per charge to Ionity electricity dispensers for the time being. This price model will later be replaced by a price per kilowatt hour, which will be CHF 0.37 per kWh in the “transit” tariff.

Both in Austria and in Switzerland, a so-called blocking fee of 10 euro cents or CHF 10 per minute applies from a stand duration of 60 minutes. (PDF)


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