Jan 15, 2019 - 04:18 pm

Rinspeed’s MicroSnap can switch bodies


At the CES Las Vegas 2019: Rinspeed presented a further advanced “Snap” ecosystem with the “microSNAP”. The new concept features an interchangeable body on an intelligent EV platform in micro-size.

Rinspeed has shrunk their Snap detachable vehicle into the microSNAP with the dimensions of a Renault Twizy. What differentiates the microSNAP, is a fully automated robot station that joins and separates chassis and bodies autonomously. This way the chassis can deliver goods with, for example, a refrigeration pod, after having dropped off passengers with another pod.

The robotics system and the automated loading aid system come from Kuka in Augsburg. Osram supplies the entire lighting technology with dazzle-free high beams and digital licence plate. The exterior lights use different colours to communicate different concepts to pedestrians. The microSNAP drive is propelled by a 48-volt traction motor from powertrain manufacturer, Mahle.

The Swiss company wants to create small autonomous vehicles that swarm out and bring their goods to the customer without detours and ‘just in time.’ This vision also includes two-seater ‘robo units‘, which take the shortest route to convey their passengers to their destination efficiently and in comfort. Company head Frank M. Rinderknecht is certain: “Customers increasingly want prompt deliveries and many passengers are unwilling to use shared taxis, which have to take time-consuming detours by design.”

In July of last year, we reported that Rinspeed had founded a company specifically for the purpose of commercializing their Snap concept. Like with their new MicroSnap, the Rinspeed Snap pursues the solution of separating the intelligent and thus quickly ageing and proportionately expensive components from the longer lasting vehicle components.

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