Jan 30, 2019 - 06:05 pm

Tesla Models X and S now have less-expensive version


After Tesla recently withdrew the 75 kWh versions of the Model S and Model X from the market, new entry-level versions of the two models are now being offered, whereby the capacity of the 100 kWh battery is limited by software.

This means that only for those that pay an extra will Tesla unlock the full capacity of the battery. At the same time, the Californians are no longer adding the battery capacity to the Model S and Model X model names in the same way as they did to Model 3. Instead, both vehicles are now available as Model S/X, Model S/X + extended range, Model S/X Performance and Model S/X Performance + with “Ludicrous” function.

The “extended range” models are those with full 100 kWh battery capacity (previously Model S/X 100D). What’s new is that Tesla now offers the “Ludicrous” function for maximum performance decoupled from the sports package as an independent upgrade costing 20,000 dollars. But only if you have previously decided on the performance version.

Tesla has slightly changed the prices in the course of the readjustment. The 100 kWh models without software restrictions now cost 1,000 dollars less than before. The performance variants are also somewhat cheaper than before. The models with software throttling start at 85,000 dollars (Model S) or 88,000 dollars (Model X).

So far the amendment of the system is effective in the American configurator. Experience shows, however, that the changes will also take effect in other countries, only with a time lag. Model S and Model X will soon be available in the new variants in Europe as well.



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