Connected Kerb presents compact kerb-side charging stations


The British company Connected Kerb has developed compact chargers for electric cars that can be mounted on curbs, traffic sign poles or boundary bollards at the roadside. The first kerb charging stations were recently installed in London for testing purposes.

The devices, which are about 30 centimeters high and cost 2,000 euros, are made of recycled material and, in addition to their charging function, offer WiFi access and the option of collecting traffic or weather data for municipal administration. Connected Kerb does not provide any information on charging performance, but the company’s approach is to provide low-power devices for residential areas that can be installed at low cost and serve well anywhere in the country.

Connected Kerb has now installed their first public charging stations on Borough Road in collaboration with the Southwark Council of London, and supported by Virgin Media and National Grid. The curb chargers are connected to a smart fiber-optic broadband cable.

“Our experience in working with communities shows how important it is to reduce congestion on roads. Our charging station was developed specifically for this requirement,” says Connected Kerb. Last year, the startup won the Mayor of London’s Award for Urban Innovation with its idea. The British are not the first to specialise in space-saving and cost-effective charging points in city centres: Among the best known approaches are the lantern masts equipped with charging points by the Berlin startup Ubitricity.,,,,


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