Feb 12, 2019 - 02:35 pm

Lyft aims for major expansion this year


The ride-hailing company Lyft plans to add 1,000 electric vehicles to its platform this year and will make it easier for riders to request them through Green Mode. Selecting that option, passengers will be able to choose between hybrid or electric vehicles.

Lyft recently launched the Green Mode option in Seattle, with other parts of the country to follow soon. The idea behind the additional option is to make alternative energy offers more clear, as well as to gauge customer support and demand for NEVs, which is already skyrocketing in the US American Northwest: “The number one piece of feedback in Portland and Seattle was electric cars — number one from drivers and from passengers,” accordingo to Lyft COO Jon McNeill.

While the alternative energy vehicle infrastructure is already well-established in Seattle, other cities will follow soon. The company did not mention which cities will be next, or what kind of timeline will be followed, but Atlanta is mentioned as a launch location in the same sentence as Seattle in a company statement, indicating that both coasts will benefit from the new company booking policy: “EVs will be introduced as part of Express Drive throughout the year, already starting in Seattle and Atlanta, with Green Mode launching today in Seattle and coming to other regions in the future.”


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