Feb 14, 2019 - 10:42 am

Corolla rags on plug-ins


In a new TV advert for the Corolla hybrid, Toyota dished out some dirt against their plug-in competitors and called on customers not to “get left behind” and invest in their self-charging hybrid.

It seems that Toyota is aiming at not only the mainstream driver with the advert, as their titular car passes several eras of mobility, but particularly the BEV driver charging his car at the side of the road marks that even inside the electric mobility industry, there is argument as to the best way of doing things. Toyota themselves do not seem convinced by fully electric mobility, and while the insult seems a little far-flung, this kind of rivalry is great for the industry.


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2 Kommentare zu “Corolla rags on plug-ins

  1. John Soames

    Well done Toyota for pointing out that the world is not quite ready for everyone to go electric – National Grid failure anyone? And that nobody is really rushing to buy diesels anymore. Hybrids are the zeitgeist, they are the right technology for NOW.

    • Mikael

      They were the right technology 10 years ago…

      Today it is prime time for BEVs and with PHEVs as backup option for the scared laggards.

      Toyota has dropped the ball, once they were at the forefront of technology and greenness, now they are just holding us back.

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