Feb 19, 2019 - 11:22 am

Blocking charging stations is over


For every reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction: After some unpleasantly disgruntled combustion engine drivers have been deliberately blocked charging stations, practical solutions are now ready to put an end to the practice – firstly in China, and now in Taiwan.

We reported that electric car users in China were able to block the blockers, so to speak, by means of a formidable iron guard. There, a Tesla Supercharger can only be accessed with a QR code supplied to Tesla drivers via WeChat, that then lowers the iron guard.

Now Tesla Taiwan have worked out another ingenious scheme: there, Supercharger ground locks have cameras that can identify a Tesla electric car via its license plate as the vehicle is backing up. Once identified, the ground lock simply unlocks and lower itself, allowing the Tesla to charge up unimpeeded.


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The locks are not yet implemented in the USA, where “ICEing” has been somewhat of a problem. While some drivers might accidentally have overseen the fact that a ‘parking space’ was actually a Supercharger site, others are very deliberately obstructing charging points. In one incident, vandals even attacked a Supercharger by partially severing cables, followed by drilling through the stalls’ charging plugs.



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