Tesla hits 200,000 Model 3 mark and rising


Tesla has apparently exceeded the mark of 200,000 Model 3 units produced, according to the Bloomberg tracker. Already registered VINs for the Model 3 are closing in on the 300,000 units this quarter and Tesla CEO Elon Musk reports even bigger plans on Twitter.

Here the Tesla CEO had tweeted that the EV maker intends to deliver a total of 400,000 electric cars this year. At first, he wrote of 500,000 electric vehicles but corrected his tweet shortly afterwards. Should he provide the 400,000 cars (across all models), this would mean an increase of more than 60 per cent compared to the company’s 2018 performance.

According to Elon Musk, the Californians are still aiming for a production rate of 10,000 electric cars per week. It is not clear from the tweet whether the 10,000 units are only Model 3 or also the S and X models. Bloomberg’s “Model 3 Tracker” is more distinct when it comes to models and the publication estimates the weekly production rate for the Model 3 is currently over 5,500 vehicles.

Meanwhile, Model 3 deliveries to Europe do not seem to be decreasing. Tesla launched the European Model 3 deliveries at the beginning of the month. While the deliveries in the “old world” continue, the Tesla CEO tweeted a rather impressive photo of 4,000 Tesla electric vehicles waiting in San Francisco to be shipped to Europe.

And as far as China is concerned, the demand for Teslas in the country is apparently growing enormously. In some cases, the flood of orders in local Tesla stores has even led to system problems. Only a few days ago, the first Model 3 arrived in the port city of Tianjin. And two more ships were already on their way at that time. But Tesla also has reason to hurry with their vehicle delivery, because the reduction of import duties in China is only certain for the first quarter of the year.

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