Tesla launches roll-out of Model 3 in Europe


Tesla is now delivering the first Model 3 vehicles in Europe. To be exact, Tesla informed buyers on the continent that they can pick up their Model 3 in Zeebrugge in Belgium or Tilburg in the Netherlands. However, the European launch did not go off entirely without a hitch.

Complaints of buyers became public that the collection dates had changed several times at short notice. In some cases, customers had to arrive very spontaneously, but in others, the new cars were not yet ready. Tesla CEO Elon Musk apologised on Twitter and promised that the Model 3 would be sold in large numbers on European roads as of today. To begin with, customers from Norway will have priority.

As reported yesterday, several ships are carrying the coveted cargo on the Atlantic at the moment. Two weeks ago Tesla received the vehicle type approval for the Model 3 in Europe. Many buyers here have been waiting for the volume model for a very long time, as pre-orders were already possible from the presentation of the car in April 2016.


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