Zero’s most powerful electric motorcycle to date


The U.S. manufacturer Zero Motorcycles has now presented the SR/F, its fastest electric motorcycle to date. The 82 kW strong electric bike has a torque of 190 Nm, a top speed of 200 kph, and a range of 322 kilometres that can be replenished fast, claims the company.

The new SR/F with a 14.4 kWh battery was unveiled by Zero’s CEO Sam Paschel in downtown New York. The addition of Zero’s PowerTank can add 3.6 kWh, for said total range of 200 miles (322 km).

For charging, customers have a choice of on-board chargers that deliver 3 kW and 6 kW. Zero claims that the electric motorcycle can recharge within an hour. Depending on the setup, the price varies between 18,995 dollars (16,713 euros) for the 3 kW version, and around 21,000 dollars, (18,4821 euros) for the 6 kW version. That makes this classic looking bike about 30 per cent cheaper than Harley-Davidson’s upcoming LiveWire but of course not exactly easily affordable. The Zero battery warranty is valid for five years and an unlimited number of kilometres.

The SR/F is the first electric motorcycle to integrate the Motorcycle Stability Control (MSC) by Bosch, that works similar to a stability system in a car. In combination with the Cypher lIl operating system, the MSC offers ABS and cornering brake control, traction control and drag torque control.

Moreover Zero praises its motorcycle as highly connected. For example, the rider can monitor the electric motorbike also remotely via an app that shows the status of charging and system upgrades and updates. These functions show up on a new digital display with wireless connectivity that can alert owners if their bike is tipped over while parked and record performance data during road trips that can be shared with other riders.

The Zero Motorcycles SR/F has already entered full production and deliveries in the USA are expected to start in April.,

Additional reporting by Nora Manthey.


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Godfrey Whyte
18.06.2022 um 03:55
I am interested in a Zero Motorcycle SR/F how much will it cost in NYC

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