Feb 27, 2019 - 03:51 pm

Endesa & Galp install 50 kW charging stations in Spain


Spanish utility Endesa and the Portuguese oil company Galp have agreed to install five 50 kW charging stations Galp gas stations as part of the infrastructure initiative CIRVE in Spain. It is to better connect Spain to the rest of Europe.

The CIRVE project (translated for Iberian Brokers of Electric Car Quick Charge Infrastructure) is a Spanish consortium that was founded to deploy a network of 40 quick charge points for EVs to connect the Iberian Peninsula with other EU countries. The eventual goal of the consortium is to “encourage the use of electric cars between Spain, Portugal and France, in a totally interoperable cross-border scene that allows electric car users to drive from Northern Europe to the Iberian Peninsula.” The 2015 launched initiative, includes a 3.5 million euro investment and an execution period of more than four years. So far, there are 21 charging points in operation.

For the latest cooperation with Galp, a press statement by Endesa said that for the Portuguese, the agreement “represents a new phase in the implementation of its strategy of electric mobility, started in Portugal in 2010 and a new dimension of its mobility offer in Spain”. The pit stop station operator currently has 18 fast charging stations in operation in Portugal and opened the first one in Spain at a GALP station in the municipality of Alcalá de Henares.

The five 50 kW fast-charging stations will operate using Endesa’s digital platform, who has big plans for the near future: The Spanish company plans to install 108,000 charging points across the country over the next five years, of which at least 8,500 will be public.

Only this month, the Spanish government announced the next edition of its electric mobility subsidy programme MOVES. The 45 million euro pot includes funding for the installation of electric vehicle charging infrastructure reportedly. Eligible to apply are individual citizens as well as companies, municipalities and public institutions.

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