Mar 4, 2019 - 12:35 pm

USA: Nissan announces new Leaf Plus price


Nissan has announced pricing for their 62 kWh Leaf Plus in the States, where it will be available from retailers this month. Starting price is $36,550. The Leaf SV Plus will cost $38,510, while the most expensive version, the Leaf SL Plus, costs $42,550.

The new Leaf offers the larger battery in comparison to the old one, enabling a range of up to 363 km. This is an increase of 122 km more than from the previous Leaf. Additionally, the powertrain has been upgraded and now features 338 Nm torque, marking an increase of 19 Nm from the prior version.

The timing for the announcement is tough for Nissan, as the Leaf should be a direct competitor to Tesla’s Model 3, which was announced a few days ago with a $35,000 price tag, putting Nissan behind both in terms of timing as well as pricing.,,


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